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JoAnna’s Ultra Lite Clients Success Stories

Some wonderful people and their own Ultra Lite weight loss success stories that we are delighted to share with you.

On June 15, 2016, I began an amazing journey of weight loss, physical fitness and a sense of accomplishment that I thought was impossible. A close friend of mine introduced me to JoAnna Priest.  During our first meeting we discussed my dietary history as well medical problems related to poor eating habits. JoAnna laid out a weight loss plan that would accomplish my goals and how my life was about to change forever. I placed total trust in JoAnna, and followed her inspiration and professional guidance.

My results are beyond what I ever expected. In the first month I lost 22.5 lbs and reduced body fat by 4 points. Additionally, my hypertension, joint pain, GERD, Barretts esophagus, bursitis and high blood sugar improved dramatically. I reached my desired and proper weight. But more importantly, JoAnna taught me how to eat proper foods to maintain my healthy weight as well as a high level of physical activity I’m used to.
With JoAnna’s guidance I have learned the skills and knowledge of how to eat “Ultra Lite for Life”!

Jim A – Ventura

I hadn’t felt well for years. I resisted seeking help.I am an active, life-long dancer and I eat well. I asked for JoAnna’s help, due to a chronic health issue. I was amazed – I learned more about the unique needs of my body, nutritionally, in the first 5-week phase, than I had in almost 30 years of studying nutrition!! I recommend JoAnna whole-heartedly. E. A. – Ventura, CA

Melinda and I met JoAnna at a seminar given at our church about “Eating Healthier for the Holidays”. We had been trying to get our weight under control for a long time, but “trying harder” just wasn’t working. After going back and forth for nearly three months, we decided to schedule an appointment with JoAnna, knowing this was going to be the end of eating all things that were near and dear to our hearts (soda, pasta, bread, chocolate, chips, etc.). The idea of eating healthy was terrifying.

On February, 21, 2017 we decided to “take the plunge” and meet with JoAnna and begin the process of getting our guts in order. The first 3 weeks were brutal, and quite honestly, a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, we had decided to do this as a couple, and the accountability to each other (and to JoAnna) was huge in being able to “stay the course.” Once we got in the groove we saw the pounds and body fat percentages fall. Eating well and exercising were allowing us to see results, and the best part is we felt great doing it, and we were never hungry! JoAnna’s encouragement and guidance helped us navigate the rough times. When we met her for the last time, we had lost a total of over 80 pounds. JoAnna has been a blessing to us and she really understands how to tailor a program that works for each person. JoAnna is the best!
Tim and Melinda O. – Newbury Park, CA

Nancy W. Embarked on her nutritional journey and lost 52 pounds and 10% Body Fat.   She did it slowly and progressively over a year’s time.
Nancy has been a walking “Billboard” for what someone can achieve and maintain with proper education and guidance. She alone has lead so many others to me and the Ultra Lite Program. I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure to work with Nancy and all those she’s encouraged to come and learn!

“You are a gift to so many people who have longed for freedom and never dreamed it could actually happen. Every day is a choice I make to keep following what I’ve learned from you and I’m so thankful for you and the Ultra Lite Program!! Your beautiful voice of knowledge, your hugs and your encouragement are all priceless.”

Comments from those referrals have been:
Kathy K – all the pain in her arms is gone
Lynn D – pain in her hands is gone
Iris – pain in her knee that she’d had surgery on & pain in both hips – gone
Nancy W – Constant pain in my back – gone
Kathy B – was so happy because all her stomach pain is gone!
Lisa B – was at first distraught by what you confirmed to her – but she’s now encouraged and hopeful and has changed her life!
We are all so thrilled! When I tell others those kinds of reports, people are convinced they must see you! So I will keep spreading the word.
Thank you for everything JoAnna!!! You are a blessing to so many!”

Nancy W. – Newbury Park, CA

I weighed about 260 pounds, was sick all the time, had no energy and gave up on dieting and exercise. I smoked two packs of cigarettes a day and lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I found Nia, a movement practice, and began to gain body awareness. With Nia alone and making healthier food choices, I lost 40 pounds. However I reached a ‘plateau’ at 220 pounds and without a formal program, I was no longer able to lose weight. Thanks to JoAnna Priest and the Ultra Lite program, I have learned to change my eating habits for improved health and wellness. I started the program in early December of 2008. I was afraid to start it before Christmas due to the holidays all the places where I would be tempted to eat and binge eat.

I found JoAnna’s  nutritional counseling invaluable. JoAnna is supportive and nonjudgmental. I was able to loose 40 more pounds. I have been able to see that this is not a diet program but a lifestyle change and a change in my relationship with food. Now I have the tools to succeed for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend this program and JoAnna’s services and hope others are as fortunate as me to find JoAnna and work with her and the Ultra-Lite program. K.K. – Redondo Beach, CA

Without the help of JoAnna and the Ultra Lite program, I would have stayed overweight, feeling helpless about the extra 30 pounds I was carrying. Ultra Lite makes losing weight easier than anything I have ever tried. JoAnna is there with me week after week to answer my questions and address my concerns, with easy to understand solutions. I appreciate JoAnna’s nutritional expertise and direction. Every time I have a physical concern she is able to amend my nutritional demands and I am again able to lose the worry and focus on the goal. JoAnna provides great care and gently guides me towards my goal.

When I started the Ultra Lite program I quickly saw results that gave me the hope that I could get back to my pre-menopausal weight. My friends and acquaintances are so complimentary!! Week after week I’m happy to see the change in my body and I don’t have loose saggy skin! C.D. – Torrance, CA

Before I reached out to JoAnna Priest and the Ultra Lite Program, I felt helpless and hopeless. In all my 73 years, I have been on every diet known to man and woman. Still, after years of denial, found myself obese. I live a very active lifestyle, entertain and go out often. In just 10 weeks, I’ve lost 36 lbs and am in a normal weight range for my height and age!!! Still entertaining and going out!! I love myself again. JoAnna provided me with not only the Ultra Lite Program but helped me to relearn how to approach real-life situations with food. JoAnna is very supportive, knowledgeable and caring. I’m back in my skinny clothes and love entertaining even more! M. G. – Boston, MA

In July of 2008, F.B. had his blood work done. It showed his total cholesterol at 146 and triglycerides at 242. His physician put F.B. on medications and advised him to change his diet. In January of 2009, his levels of cholesterol and triglycerides improved but F.B. was still in the High Ranges. F.B. started the Ultra Lite program with JoAnna in February and his next panel of blood work by mid April showed his total cholesterol at 118 with his triglycerides at 79. So not only did F.B. lose 30 pounds, he gained back his health! Way to Go F.B.!! F.B. – San Pedro, CA


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