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Ultra Lite Weight Loss and Integrative Nutrition Programs

The Ultra Lite for Life Weight Loss program is based on sound science and common sense. Clinical research, and medical trials based on independent research, incorporating dietitians, doctors, and scientists from Harvard University, and thousands of successful clients, support this method of rapid and sustained weight loss. The Ultra Lite for Life Weight Loss and Health Management program is designed to provide you with all the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in correct balance.

Successful weight loss and health management are only achieved by re-education of your relationship to food. You will relearn healthy food choices from different food groups and more importantly appropriate, REAL portion sizes, thus obtaining desired weight. Ultra Lite for Life only recommends wholesome, unprocessed foods such as lean proteins, eggs, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

Ultra Lite for Life is not a calorie controlled diet where you can consume your daily intake of calories from foods from one group, nor is it a meal replacement program where nothing is learned about correct food preparation.

I offer to teach a naturally balanced program based on real food.

By avoiding refined carbohydrates and sugar, and limiting excess carbohydrates you will maximize fat loss as your body will instead burn stored fat, providing energy. In simple terms, our program is all about fat loss. Unlike many other quick weight loss programs, the Ultra Lite program does not deplete your body of vital fluids and muscle mass.

You can lose up to 5 pounds or more in your first week and safely up to 5 pounds per week thereafter of fat loss. This is very rewarding for people who want to lose weight fast and natural, but will also provide you with the skills and knowledge allowing you to control your weight for life.

You are not alone on this journey.

I am a Professional Licensed Nutritionist here to support you with weekly consultations, unique, for your body, nutritional education, and guidance. This will ensure that you receive maximum benefit and results from your weight loss program.

I believe in a holistic approach to natural weight loss and most importantly long-term weight control. I take into account your lifestyle, likes, and dislikes!!

I offer Nutritional Protocols to Address:

  • Nutritional Weight Loss and Health Management through Education
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes
  • Heart Disease/Stroke
  • Pre and Post Cancer treatment Nutrition
  • Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis
  • Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s Disease
  • Arthritis/Gout
  • Thyroid and Hormone imbalances

About Me

I became interested in natural medicine as a common sense approach to treating the health issues of myself and my family. As a competitive athlete and mother, I desired to learn a new approach to health and healing of the whole body. Working with, and learning from successful naturopathic practitioners and companies, I became passionate about holistic healing and received my diploma in Nutrition and have raised four very healthy children.

I am a Certified, Registered Nutritional Consultant, and a Diplomat with the American Associates of Nutritional Consultants. I have been involved in alternative medicine for over 20 years, producing seminars for healthcare professionals on the use professional products in their practices. My area of expertise is the digestive system and the use of Enzyme Therapy, Herbal Remedies, Vitamins/Minerals, and Homeopathy. I have been affiliated with some of the leading nutritional companies in the US and have received extensive training in all areas of natural medicines. I continue my education in an ever-evolving field by attending professional seminars and courses in Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, and Enzyme Therapy.

If you would like to embark on your own Ultra Lite Weight Loss and detoxification journey with me as your Personal Nutritionist Practitioner, please contact me at 805-477-8289. Conveniently located in Ventura, California. Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

You may also read more about my practice on HealthProfs.com  Click on the link below.


For a Free, Mini-Consultation contact JoAnna at jopriest@ymail.com or call 805-477-8289

JoAnna Priest, CNC, Registered Nutritionist, Ultra Lite Professional Weight Loss,
Detoxification and Health Management Program.

Serving Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in California.

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